Thursday, August 28, 2008

My 100th Post

I've so enjoyed the other 100 Random Things post from other blogs, that I thought I'd do one for my 100th was really hard!!!! Here I go.

1. My due date was my grandfathers birthday, October 18th, I was going to be a boy and named Thomas Edward after him. I was a day late, and a girl, and so named Constance Catharine.
2. I'm the middle child of three girls.
3. My older sister will still say she resents me being born, it took all of the attention away from her...
4. My family moved 5 times in 6 years, we moved to California just after my 6th birthday.
5. My mom gave me and my older sister the choice of whether or not we wanted to start kindergarten at the age of four, we both have late fall birthdays, and we went. I think my mom always regretted letting us go.
6. I loved my little sister Meg, I always wanted a baby in the house and was thrilled to have her.
7. I always wanted an older brother.
8. When I was 3 1/2 I had an imaginary friend named Romin Bells. Her mother was pregnant and her baby died. I dragged my Auntie Freid all over our St.Louis suburb looking for their house while my mom was at the hospital after having Meg. No one told her Romin Bells was imaginary.
9. I had to wear a note pinned to my shirt in that same suburb because I would go to all the neighbors houses visiting, and they would give me treats. the note said, "Please don't feed me." I used to ruin my appetite.
10. I didn't go to preschool because I was such an easy child for my mom, she didn't feel the need to send me.
11. When I was 4 I refused to take a bath for weeks, and I finally did because my grandparents were coming from California.
12. I also ran away because my mom wouldn't let me have a sleepover at the neighbors. She waved goodbye, thinking I would come back but I never did. Those people raised me...just kidding. They let me stay for dinner, and then I had to go home. I'm not seeming like such an easy kid anymore am I?
13. My best friend in NJ was the boy across the street. He and I would have peeing contests in his backyard. He always won.
14. We taught ourselves to ride 2 wheelers.
15. When we moved to California I was in the first grade. They had late birds and early birds. I couldn't read, so I was an early bird. I hated that, so I would dawdle on the way to school and show up with the late birds.
16. I remember learning to read. It was almost overnight, it just clicked for me.
17. In second grade I refused to wear, eat or drink anything that wasn't orange for several months.
18. Orange has always been my favorite color. I wanted an orange Corvette throughout my entire childhood.
19. I am a people pleaser, I will sacrifice my feelings to make others happy, or like me.
20. I played soccer for 10 years, and haven't played since I was 17.
21. My maiden name was Bacon. It invited all sorts of teasing. Especially when Sizzlean became popular. Remember, "Move over Bacon, here comes something meatier!"?
22. This also is where my favorite tease was from. One of my friends asked me, "When you have kids will they be called Bacon-Bits?". Hence my screen name on, and many other sites.
23. My hair feathers really well.
24. I played the flute from age 9 to age 14.
25. I started smoking cigarettes at age 14, and quit when I was 27.
26. I failed my driver's license test on my 16th birthday.
27. I backed my dad's car into a tree the very first time I got to take it out at night.
28. I got my first job because I had to pay him back. I was a counter girl at Sizzler.
29. As a senior in high school I worked full time as a night manager for a shop called 'San Francisco Sour Dog'. It was a hot dog shop that had patented a burner that made a hole and toasted inside a sourdough roll to put a hot dog in.
30. I designed my own senior ball gown.
31. I was kind of a naughty teenager. I didn't realize until I was older and had kids and would joke with other parents about "the things we did" and none of them had done the stuff I had. I was shocked!!
32. I had a serious boyfriend from the age of 19 until I was 23. He wanted to get married but I insisted that I couldn't get married until I had been to Europe. He moved on.
33. When I was 21 I packed up my RX-7 and moved to Seattle. I LOVED it there!
34. While in Seattle I took a job in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, in the resort. I was a steward on a boat that did day trips to the glaciers.
35. After Alaska, I moved back to California to go back to college.
36. Longevity runs in my family. Both of my great grandmothers lived into their
100's, and my moms mother did as well.
37. I was accepted into UC San Diego's Psychology department to gain a BS in Psychology.
38. I took a semester off before I transferred to go to Europe.
39. I was due to return to the States on December 23, and called my mom THAT DAY to tell her I had decided to stay and be a housekeeper in the youth hostel where I was staying.
40. I never finished my college degree. I have always wanted to.
41. I dreamed of running a halfway house for teenage girls, taking in foster kids and being a social worker. There's still time!!
42. I love to have painted toenails.
43. I'm not good at being in cliques. They make me nervous.
44. I don't believe in Standardized testing, yet I am sooooo proud of my kids when the test "advanced in all categories".
45. I am the spitting image of my dad's mother. But she was blond and blue eyed.
46. I got my first gray hair when I was 19.
47. I designed my own wedding dress.
48. Before having kids I secretly hoped I would have all daughters...but I am having so much fun with my boys as well as my girls!!
49. I love being a mom.
50. I also love being Husbands wife....
51. I've been coloring my hair since I was 23. It's pretty darn gray now.
52. Jewelry, especially rings, makes me itch.
53. When I live in England I get really bad eczema, but not in California.
54. I am always dreaming about moving. I am constantly researching different places to live.
55. I would love to raise my kids in a rural area.
56. My hair looks terrible is really fine and has a frizzy texture.
57. As a child I had nearly black eye color, and when I was 14 it changed to hazel.
58. I have always wanted a tattoo.
59. Having all of my kids makes me forgetful. I have to write everything down these days.
60. I still remember my first friend in California's telephone number.
61. I feel guilty about a lot of things that I shouldn't feel guilty about.
62. I'm always attracted to people that are open with their feelings and are very affectionate.
63. I think my in-laws are AWESOME!!
64. I was always naturally slim until I had my first child, and I gained a lot of wait while I was pregnant with him. Now I have to WORK to lose weight, and I have NO discipline!!
65. I begged an eye doctor to prescribe glasses for me when I was 15. I thought I looked good in them. He laughed in my face!!
66. I then talked my dentist into giving me braces...interesting huh??
67. I love margaritas.
68. The year I was born.
69. I love Autumn. The leaves changing, the crisp air....the bright low sun...
70. I am OBSESSED with metallic sandals. I buy several pair a year, and then end up giving them to my friend Maureen for various reasons.
71. I love ....
72. I overuse exclamation points!!!!
73. I'm not very computer savvy.
74. I have a great sense of direction.
75. I worked on a strawberry farm in England as a fruit sucked.
76. I met Luke on that same farm. That didn't suck.
77. I used to be a really good correspondent but I'm not anymore.
78. I'm kind of shy.
79. I talk a LOT.
80. I loved being pregnant. There is no more amazing thing to experience.
81. I love to cook.
82. My fingernails are paper thin.
83. I am a terrible typist. I once took a test for a job and had a negative score!!
84. I once drank 7 kamikazes in one night. I've never had another one.
85. We went to the beach every year for vacation when I was growing up. I LOOOOOOVE the beach.
86. I trip a lot.
87. I'm not a very good housekeeper.
88. I am easily distracted. This can be good and bad.
89. I am a generally cheery person.
90. I am known to have a bad temper at times.
92. I am a Libra.
93. I like balance.
94. I like blogging much more than I thought I would.
95. I am super protective of people I love.
96. I can be very stubborn.
97. I love to do yoga.
98. I used to sprint really fast.
99. I can be very opinionated.
100. I can be hesitant about my ability to complete some things, so I will put them off for so long that it's too late to do them, and then beat myself up about it. But this? It's done early!!


Yes, my name is Arizona said...

I just love these! Bacon? I can see how that's an unfortunate maiden name to have! lol! You should have been a vegetarian author who wrote about vegetarianism. How hilarious would that have been? hahahaha!!

I love that you had to wear a sign saying "don't feed me". That's SO funny.

I've never been good with cliques either.

I want to raise my kids in a rural area, too. And I'm always looking at maps to find places to visit and perhaps live. Lately I've been looking at Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. I found a house on a lake that I'd love to buy. I'm so sick of the city...I can't even tell you how much.

I really wanted braces, too, but my teeth are really straight. All my friends had braces and I thought they were cool. Ha!

I suck as a housekeeper, too. I love a clean house, though.

HEY! I'm a libra, too. Actually, I was born on the cusp of Virgo and Libra, but a fortune teller told me I was more Libra than virgo. I still get confused sometimes about which horoscope I should read.

I loved your 100 Things list! So fun!

angie said...

Am I evil if I think it's hilarious you've never had another kamakazi? Wow, I can't imagine how you must have felt the next day! I just bought the cutest orangy/red wedge sandals. I hate yoga although I've tried to love it......can't even like it. :)

angie said...

I LOVED reading all of these!

Churchill said...

I love these, especially #9.

#25, #54, #78, #81 and #97 sound just like me... and well some other ones too but I forget the number. I always want to move too. But I am so so so a city girl. I have lived in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, New York City and now Washington, D.C. My new obsession is Vancouver.

#58 I say go for it. I have one (a turtle on my ankle) that I got at 19 and I do not regret it. In fact if my husband did not hate them so much I would get the girls names or initials or something added to it.

Jaime said...

I love this list. I learned so much about you! It's nice to know where the baco-bits comes from:)

Jocasta said...

Great list - I love finding out more about people.

I love yoga as well - sadly wii fit is the closest I get to a class at the moment.

I've only lived in Wellington so wow all the places you have lived in. That's amazing!

Tracy said...

I also LOVED your list - so different, creative & insightful. Reading this list makes me wish we lived closer & could chat some more - seems like you have enjoyed life - & I also LOVE to travel. hate moving though.

Stephanie said...

Fun, fun list! 13 and 21 LOL!! 92, 98 and several others ME TOO!!! This was fun to read.

Shannon said...

I love this! I learned so much about you. You and I are very much alike. I think its the middle child of 3 thing. Quiet, shy, people pleaser, easy kid. That was me too.

Love the Bacon ones. I was laughing out loud.

Way to go on coming up with 100. Its not easy to do. These were great!