Monday, November 17, 2008

Quirks and other stuff

The babies have taken to carrying pieces of my clothing around with them, Lily sniffs them. Don't worry they're clean!! I use a body oil after I shower and its fragrance lingers a little. Well, I guess it just doesn't wash out. It's cute and a little odd. They have a few favorites. Lily pulled my jammie pants down the other day trying to get a hold of them, and Tess teases her by taking things away. If I don't put away clean laundry right away...I find it has been dragged all over the house. Silly things.

Tess can climb on most of the furniture, and is constantly having to be rescued from the tops of things. She just discovered the silverware drawer, climbing up on her walker. Lily is too busy laying on my shirt!!

Lily says "tickle, tickle!" and is always tickling is the cutest thing, and oddly enough her first it.

I've been alternately letting Jack do more stuff, and then not, simply because he is 11 and not quite ready to do a lot of the things he wants to. Our adjustment to middle school has been a little rough. Not socially, but we are needing a little guidance keeping up with classwork and homework, perhaps a little less chatting during class would help!! I am sooooo happy that he is having fun and has lots of friends, but his grades are really suffering...what to much emphasis do we put on grades??? I really just want him to try, put a little effort in!! He was thinking I suppose, that if he got all A's on his tests that his homework didn't matter. He was wrong. So we are pushing effort, not achievement at this point.

Alexa started gymnastics. She's so good!! She already ruined her leotard by putting it through laundry with some goo stuff she made at school, so she was thrilled to get a new one, not from Target....

And Travis. Well, he is still giving me a hard time about switching him to AM kindergarten. He is the sweetest most charming and adorable child one minute, and the most hateful, screaming, kicking, hitting terror the next. He is 5 1/2. I sort of remember Jack and Alexa being a little this way at this age as well, but I think I blocked it out. I spend most of my evenings watching him sleep, and basking in his sweet face.

Luke is beginning to really settle into his new that the initial shock of how different it is than his last job has worn off. I am so proud of him...

And me, well, I had a new obsession for a while, but I've had to put it on hold, so I hope to pay a little more attention to my poor has been sooooo neglected!! Is it too weird to change the dates on my posts so they stay in some sort of order as I try to catch up???

I've weaned the twins...a bittersweet reminder that I will not/cannot have anymore babies...they of course were barely phased, I was a wreck. I'm just amazed I made it for so long....when they were 3 months old, I would have said there was NO WAY I would even make it to a year...well I did it!! 17 months.


angie said...

I can't believe you nursed the girls for 17 months. What an accomplishment. I can imagine it was quite an adjustment to wean....for all three of you.

I loved reading about what's new with all of you. What's your newest obsession?

Jaime said...

Good job! That is definitely an accomplishment!
I am also curious, what's been stealing all your time?

Laura said...

It's great to see you again! The kids are adorable!

Good for you for nursing so long. It was always so bittersweet weaning my children. The end of an era.

So... what is the new obsession. I am very curious.

Shannon said...

Gorgeous kiddos! I hear on the middle school subject. I think its pretty common for kids to be taken off guard with all of the work and grades. We are just keeping on Jack to make sure he gets everything done well.

Great job nursing for so long. What a gift to your precious babies. I can see why quitting was hard for poor mama!

girlytwins said...

You are awesome mama for nursing for 17 months. WTG!! Your kiddies are so cute. I love Lilly & Tess's quirks. Too cute.

What is your new obsession?

Tracy said...

what a WONDERFUL post. it is amazing how the time slips by . . .
great photos too!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Yes, we all want to know what the new obsession is!! Do tell!

I love the update on your kids. Parenting is stressful, isn't it? Someone should really write a book that tells you what to expect when your kid turns 5 and then when he/she enters middle school, and then when they are teenagers... maybe there are books out there like that...I just don't have time to find them. Of course, if I don't have time to find them, I certainly don't have time to read them! lol!

btw, my word verification is "arfies"...sounds like a burger joint, doesn't it?? Sometimes you get some strange words with the word verification on blogs!!

Stephanie said...

The girls are looking so grown up!! I can't leave laundry around either, not b/c someone wants to sniff it, but b/c they love to throw it everywhere!

I think you're going to have to share this new love of yours ;)

Churchill said...

Congrats on weaning. I weaned the girls at 16 months. It was hard but liberating. Congrats on being free!

girlytwins said...

Ok.. so you are keeping up on other's blogs...thanks for the lovely comments...but can we get some new posts of your sweet peas :)

Jocasta said...

Yes your blog is neglected!!

i miss reading about you and your family.

Please come back

and I've updated my blog address it's now