Saturday, July 12, 2008

A warm evening...and LOTS of photos.

I'm afraid this is only a fraction of what I actually's enough to make it's own book!!!

Alexa unearthed this shopping basket and cleaned it up to give her sisters rides in. Lily took an extra long nap this day, so Tess got the undivided attention of her big sister.
Travis' favorite pastime...
This brings tears to my eyes every time I see it.
And a cute 'Tess' face.

And Miss Lily woke up.


Tess decided to take a 'crawl'.
And Lily got a few cuddles from Lex.
And her turn for a ride!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Best Little Theater in Town

Alexa did a summer conservatory(drama camp) with the theater group where she takes ballet and had a blast!! She has always loved to perform, and I think it's great experience for kids. It really boosts their confidence, and it's fun. In this show she was a member of the theater gang, and a lawyer/banker.


Her big duet.

And the grand finale.

Here she is with the curls we spent hours doing....not really my forte, but I thought they turned out pretty well! It was such a cute production the kids were all between 4 and 12, so that makes it fun, and I got to see it twice, so I could take lots of photos...these are just a few.....I have some organizing to do.



I am so far behind...I have all of these things that have happened and I want to post about...and I haven't had time!! Why??? Because on Monday we decided to go to England to see Husbands family, next Wednesday. So in the last 2 days I've been gathering tickets, rental car reservaations, all the documents I need to get PASSPORTS on Monday morning(keep your fingers crossed)and I have so many other things I need/want to do....sigh. I'm so tired. And THRILLED. I have the best in-laws, and love going to England and can't wait to show off my beautiful family to all of these people that love them and have never met them...and hopefully hook up with some old friends and some momo mommies perhaps. I hope to at least post about Lukes birthday, and the babies birthday!!! I am sooooooooooo lame. How will I get my house clean before I go?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Husband!!

It was June 21st. Poor husband always gets jipped(sp?) for his birthday, between Father's Day, having babies, being inpatient, being broke...all the usual stuff. So this year I wanted to make it nicer for him. He was served a proper 'Roast Up', chicken, roast potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and gravy. The cake was a Safeway special, Tiramisu flavored. I use that term loosely. But it was fun.
The kids insisted he was desperate for Guitar Hero, so now it sits in the corner gathering dust--although I have to admit it was totally up my alley, and Pat Benatar ROCKS!!! Am I dating myself????
We went to Rip-off Central, oops I mean Discovery Kingdom, and had a wonderful time riding rides. Jack, Alexa, Travis and I did anyway. The animals are pretty few and far between, and sort of a disappointment, and then Luke doesn't like the rides so he ended up hanging out with Tess and Lily.
But Travis went on his first big kids ride and LOVED it. After the shock of that first BIG spin wore off.

Then we couldn't stop him.
And Luke, in the look of the day, and this was right before we went home, so he looks extra pleased. But he was great letting us go on all the rides, we all had a lot of fun!! Apparently I didn't take a single photo of the babes, but they get to take center stage in the photo department a lot of the time, so I think I'll get away with this slip up.


We had our first venture into Grandma's pool last week. Tess and Lily loved it! I know we think of California as having hot weather all the time, but here in Northern California, it can be pretty unpredictable. We can have hot days with really cool nights(perfect), and then a lot of wind in the afternoon. So we haven't been swimming too too much this year. My mom keeps her pool pretty cool so if the wind is up no one wants to go in. So we had a hot day, and the pool was warm enough for all the swimmers...most of whom would not allow a photo.

Tess. She doesn't look so happy huh? That's her latest always get a smile, so she does it a LOT.

I am not so confident taking them swimming alone yet, so Grandma was helping.

Miss Lily. She enjoyed it this time, but when she went in the next time, and the pool was cooler, and man was she mad!! She absolutely did not like that cold pool.