Thursday, June 19, 2008

Movin' On

Jack was 'promoted' out of 5th grade on Friday, June 13. It was a cute ceremony. The sang a bunch of songs, and each child had a quote to say throughout.

The entire 5th grade class.
Jack receiving his certificate from his teacher, Ms. Montzingo. You can't see in this photo, but she is absolutely stunning, and she's like 23. I asked him if the boys all have crushes on her and he was so horrified, I took it as a yes.
Looking pretty proud.
And passing me as quickly as possible in hopes of making the photo come out blurry. I love how he is passing Grandma(sitting), and doesn't even notice her. And she didn't see him either. I held it together pretty well...mostly because I could hardly hear what anyone was saying with Travis and the babies crawling all over me, although I did get a little teary when they sang "Lean on Me' at the end of the ceremony.

Great job Jack!! Off to Middle School next will be another awesome adventure!!!


Shannon said...

My Jack heads off to middle school too. I am not ready for that at all.

Looks like a nice ceremony. What a cute boy!

jenni anne said...

i'm glad you kept it together. nothing more uncool than your mom crying in front of your super hot teacher! hehe.

Debra said...

Wow.. they grow up so fast!!! Olivia only has one more year of preschool! How did THAT happen!

But then I think about the twins not being in Kindergarten until 2013 and I think - IT NEEDS TO GO FASTER!!!