Saturday, October 4, 2008

Random stuff...and a couple of milestones

I've been a little off lately...totally uninspired. I am blaming my upcoming birthday, but there are probably a few other factors.

The babies are walking and into everything. They're so cute, but man, the minute I go near the computer they are right here pushing buttons, banging keys, dumping out my's never ending!! The good thing is, that they follow me everywhere, for now, so I always know where they are. BUT, they seem to be crying a lot as they follow me, I can never figure out why, and the minute I shut the door to the bathroom all #$%&* breaks loose. Although this morning I went to get my haircut, and Husband said they were pounding on the bathroom door looking for me and that he had to keep showing them that I wasn't in funny. Just shows how often I go anywhere without them.

Travis spent the entire first week of school teaching himself to ride a two wheeler...yesterday I caught him with his feet up on the crossbar(I think that's what it's called) racing past our house, and then riding side-saddle.....our little XGamer. SCARY!!! Of course he won't let me take any photos of him, and I don't want to make him fall so I don't take them without permission. This morning he screamed at me for 20 minutes because his glass of milk wasn't full enough. I'm hoping for a zoom lens for my I can sneak the photos.

Alexa is great...she was in another musical One Magic Moment. So cute. She was with older kids this time, so it was more challenging and she rocked!! Now she is madly rehearsing Little Red Riding hood at school.

Lily, where's your nose?

Tess has a new skill...

And the latest pastime...learning to flip.


I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Ugh. My girls dump out my dresser drawers, my desk drawers, the cabinets. I have duct tape on all the drawers, but that only makes them scream. Your girls are SO cute walking!! Can you believe they're up and running? They're getting so big. I have a feeling Alexa will be a star someday. She has that spark. How cool!

Jocasta said...

All your kids are so good looking! I've been a bit off blogging lately - I think I'm trying to follow to many and it's to hard so I give up!

Debra said...

I've missed ya!! I was taking a break blogging too. Life is HECTIC!

The girls are getting SO big. I LOVE the pix of them walking. And can SO identify with what you talked about.

You rock mama... letting them get their mattress of the bed.

Thanks for the comments on my layout. If you go to (you might not need the first "the" you can get them for FREE and they are SO easy to add.

girlytwins said...

OMGoodness your girls are so cute! I so remember those days of banging on the keyboard and emptying the drawers...oh wait that was still happens daily here. We have locks on EVERYTHING!! We go to hang out with friends of ours with kids our girls ages and no one has to lock down their house like us. It is crazy.

You are a way cool mom for pulling out the mattress as a flip pad :)

Alexa is bound to be a star. You better plan on moving her out to Hollywood :)

angie said...

You've been missed. Oh my goodness the pictures of the kids are so great. Especially the ones of the girls walking. I guess it's good that they follow you around cuz you know where they are, but.......I hear you. Your kids are so gorgeous, Connie!

Stephanie said...

I'm so with you. Uninspired. The Birthday. Walking, following, crying, into everything(even locked cabinets) twins! It was nice to see pics of your kids - they are so cute!

I think a lot of us are on blog breaks! Life is busy!

Churchill said...

Lily and Tess look so big! What grown up little trouble makers you have there!

Shannon said...

Such great photos! The girls look so grown up, all walking and stuff. Can't believe how quickly time flies. Alexa looks fab on stage. A girl after my own heart!