Friday, February 8, 2008

Journaling has never come easy for me...I just never have anything I feel the need to keep record of...and the things I REALLY feel compelled to get off my chest and onto paper, tend to need to be disposed of quickly. I am a list maker, but not a chronicler.

This last year has been a rough one. We had our experience with our monoamniotic twins, then my dad died November 16, and my grandmother the 21st. This has made me want something to give my kids to tell them, and remind them of their childhood. I hope I can keep it's been fun so far. But today I had to do a flurry of cleaning so I could sit down and reward myself with a sparkling water( oh diet coke I miss you!!!) and a moment on the computer. I just have to remember I have carrots on for Tess and Lily!!

The babies and I spent the morning hunting thrift shops for a tea set for Alexa. She has invited a few friends over for a tea party tomorrow, and I wanted her to have a proper luck. She is eight, so I didn't want to get her a toy one...and I have my grandmothers china she can use.

Argh!! My water just boiled away!! I hope I can salvage the carrots!


Stephanie said...

Wow. You have had a rough year. I'm sorry about your losses and very thankful for your blessings. :) Did you get to the carrots on time? I've had that happen before and lost everything - AAAGGGHHHH!

Churchill said...

Wow what a year. If I'd had that year ALL my carrots would be burnt. Good luck hunting for the tea set!

Debra said...

What a rough year you have had!!!

I gave you an award on my blog!!! Come get it. LMK if you need info on what to do with it. Usually you put it on your blog on the side and then in a post acknowledge it, who gave it to you with a link to my site and thyen give it to others posting their info and links to their blog and then let them know about it!

Laura said...

Wow! You have been through a lot this year. I am so sorry for your losses too. To loose you Dad and Grandmother so close together is so hard.

Hope the tea party was fun!