Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Of Late

We've been super busy lately...not anything in particular going on, just busy. Lily, Tess and I spent most of yesterday in the car, or waiting for someone, and it made all three of us grumpy. I am uninspired with my blogging...well, procrastinating...I know I have to continue my twin story, but I don't have time to type. I suck at typing. And when I do have time....I don't want to. Mostly because I am a dead tired mommy by that point. And I'm trying not to fill my blog with grumpiness.

Help!! We've been deserted!!
Tess has started to pull up the bumper in her crib when she's crying at bedtime so she can see us, or we can see her........all for dramatic effect....and sometimes it even works!!!
Alexa is performing in a ballet showcase at the local theater....she got to try on her costume for "as many pictures as your mom wants, and then we have to put it away until dress rehearsal"
And Lily dutifully wearing her hat...although she wouldn't stay still so we could get a clear shot...


Jocasta and Wayne said...

Snap - with the busyness and the grumpiness!

Erin said...

I feel you! When I do have a chance to sit down and type- I don't want to or don't have anything to type. *Sigh*
One day we will have more time for ourselves.. one day.. Right?!?

Shannon said...

Life can be so exhausting! Great photos!

girlytwins said...

Love the pic of Tess peaking out of her bumper. Too funny.

I feel uninspired from blogging right now too. Sometimes motherhood just wears you out.