Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beware!!! Photo overload!!

I wanted to post a little more in depth about our trip to could be several years before we go again, and it was so special for us to be there...I need it to be chronicled a little bit!! Although I'd be happy to just take a million photos, and post them...that will be another blog! So here goes.

Our trip was planned with only one weeks notice, and Luke's parents were in France on holiday, so we got to spend a little quality time with Uncle Matthew and Uncle Ben before they returned home on the Saturday after we arrived, well, took over the house is more like it. Uncle Matthew had a request from his dad to have mow the lawn, so he sweetly let Travis ride along, and Jack have a go driving the mower. Of course we didn't take any photos of Jack in action, because well, he was driving a lawn mower. And he doesn't like his photo we were avoiding catastrophe.

Travis and Uncle Matthew hard at work.

And then on Sunday, we went to the Somerset Steam Spectacular. Tractor pulls, more tractors than you could ever imagine...but all we needed was the bumper cars.
This was the boys first experience riding them and the absolutely LOVED them. I personally, can't stand them all that jarring my head around and inability to stop laughing...too much for me.
Poor Lily and Tess seemed to live in their stroller for the whole trip!!
And I tricked Jack...he's so handsome and takes such beautiful photos!! It's turned into a hideous control thing now....sometimes I think he let's me trick him.