Thursday, August 7, 2008

We're Back!!

We survived our adventure, and it was definitely an adventure, across the pond to visit Husbands family in England. It was wonderful to be there, and be with the family...everyone is delightful, and we got to meet our first nephew, Leo. The weather couldn't have been better, only 2 days of rain I think and we actually returned to California MORE tan than when we set off for the UK...Fancy that! These are only a few of my favorite photos of the hundreds that I took before my battery died in my camera only halfway through my trip. Whah!! I'm a dork...anyway, that is a whole different post.

Uncle Matthew mowing the lawn with a monkeyish helper.
We went to the 'Somerset Steam Spectacular', where the boys had a fabulous time riding bumper care and sliding down and inflatable slide...and we saw about a million tractors.....and I got a great photo of Jack!! A major feat in itself.
And finished the day with a barbecue with Uncle Ben, Auntie Claire, and Cousin Leo.
Daddy and Lily.