Monday, April 7, 2008

There are lots of creatures to climb on.
And people to watch.
Great Grandma loves Elephants, this was for her.
Oddly, I met this woman with twins, she had an amazing double bassinet carraige type stroller. It was stunning. I was talking to her about the twins, and she said they were identical, and she knew because they had an early ultrasound that showed....and she mumbled something, but that the twins had Twin to Twin Transfer Syndrome. I told her that my girls were monoamniotic, and she freaked out. Apparently this was what she was mumbling, but didn't bother because no one ever knows what she's talking about. She was misdiagnosed....and her membrane was found at 11 weeks. I have to say it was pretty neat to run into a random person that knew what Momos are.


Shannon said...

So fun! Love the photos. Can't wait for our first zoo trip!

angie said...

WOW! cute zoo pictures, and crazy random story. I've never yet run into anyone in person that has a clue. However, I have three friends who know someone personally with momo twins, and, I stumbled upon a blog once whose ID twins were momo, but she didn't know it until they were born. 16 years ago.