Thursday, April 10, 2008

First Game

We decided to play Little League this year. Jack decided two years ago that baseball was his game, and so last year we played Multi-League. Multi-League is a less competitive league in our city. Coach pitched, boys and girls, no keeping score. You get the picture. Jack was one of the stars of the team, it was a ton of fun, but not competitive enough for him. For ME it was perfect. One practice a week, one game a week, the sweetest coach in the world, and my son could do no wrong. I 've also heard horror stories about the parents of little league players, and how some kids never get to play, it's so competitive, and so I had concerns. So we lucked out...Jack's coach is great. He emphasizes having fun, while teaching them a TON about baseball, something we sort of missed in the other in the end he was a little behind in the actual playing skills area, even though he has quite a bit of natural ability. He's learning so much and loving it, so I'm really glad we made the switch, but it soooo much more demanding. Monday night was his first game with the Blue Jays. It was a tie 3-3.

I tried to sneak a photo...but he was too far away...uh oh....I may have to upgrade, and buy a new lens for my camera...darn!!!

Just a cool photo, the first I tried to take of him, and just liked the way it turned out.

And Husband...the light was so beautiful, and he looks so content.


Churchill said...

I love the photos.

A tie is a pretty good way to start the season. Congrats to Jack

Jaime said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! A good coach makes a world of difference.

Shannon said...

We are a huge baseball family so I know the thrill of watching your child play. I am that really noisy mom who cheers way too much...although Jack tells me that I am too hard on myself and he likes it. Can't wait to hear how the season goes and great photos!

Cecily R said...

Yay for Little League!!

I love your random pictures. Some of my favorites are most certainly the ones I didn't mean to take!!