Monday, April 7, 2008

Don't Fence Me In

Well, I broke down, and bought a cage for the babes. Husband calls it 'the pit'. Don't ask me why. He thinks it's funny. My mom has always tried to get me to use a playpen, and I've never really wanted to, or felt like I need to, but here we are. It wasn't so much to keep them in.

It was to keep the monkeys out,
and their hazardous toys. They are everywhere!!! No matter how much I pick them up. But the cage is a big pain in my open, and to I barely use it. But I am trying to get better about it. And also trying to find a cuter one. For some reason, it seems as though it will be less prisonlike.
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Shannon said...

I swore I was going to fence the family room but time just passed and before I knew it, we didn't need it. Smart move though! It will give you piece of mind for sure.

angie said...

Like Shannon said, before you know it, the time will pass and you won't need it anymore. Don't go out and buy another one. :)

Cecily R said...

Oh gosh, I've felt like fencing the whole house in different places...and then enough time passed and they can get out of those fences too...

Your girls look perfectly fine in their fence!! :)