Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I've always made the baby food around here...and with Jack had a lot of luck...he would eat anything I made with glee, and I followed a great book, Mommy Made, to the letter, and he did great. With Alexa and Travis it was more hit and miss. Like hit the pears apples and banana, and miss anything resembling a vegetable. I never mixed anything for the older kids...just gave them their fruit/veg, a grain, and then a protein. But along came these twins, and being a little shorter on time, I make them things, and if they don't like then, they get slop. Meaning I mix things they don't really like with something else they don't really like, and voila!!! A new favorite.
So today, for lunch they had 3 cubes of pears and2 cubes of carrots all mixed up with multi-grain cereal, and half of a Yobaby vanilla yogurt..they don't like vanilla yogurt...and about a 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon.,
They scarfed it up, and were so happy!!!

Some other favorites are zucchini and apple, or carrots and yams, this is good with some yogurt and cinnamon as well. Alexa thinks it smells like pumpkin pie. Peas have to be mixed with something, anything. And now I've discovered this website...perhaps thru Arizona, Wholesome Babyfood that gives all of these great, and some kind of scary, combos as well!!!!


Churchill said...

we do the combo thing all the time now. our girls will pretty much eat anything (though they did reject cucumbers this week). the favorite by far is avocados... which i think accounts for most of their recent weight gain.

I love the photos!

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

That's a great website! I'm going to try some of the recipes for the girls.

Shannon said...

It is so great that you make your own food! I wish I had done more of it for my kids. I would have enjoyed mixing up crazy concoctions.