Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Paddy's Day

A fun busy day...I co-oped at Travis' preschool, so Tess and Lily got to have a babysitter. They definitely kept her busy. Cheeky little things. Co-oping is neat. It is great to see the kids all change so much, and they have so much fun together. The school celebrated St. Patrick's Day on Friday, because Easter is so early this year we had to get on with grass planting and bunny bag making. Grandma and Bill came over for corned beef and cabbage and it was a good time!! The babies stayed happy all night...the first time they've really made it through an evening get-together without running us all ragged trying to keep them from crying.

My kids love to dress up for all holiday's...although the Leprechauns forgot(I can't believe it!!!) to visit our house. HOW RUDE!!!!
I may have to write them a note. They live in my neighbors garden.
Travis wouldn't let me take a photo of him...oh well. All of the kids have gone through this very annoying stage and I'm not sure why...unless perhaps they can sense my obsession with picture faces!!!
Jack just looks sooooo old in this photo. He's only 10! Well, almost 11. Lily is very close to sitting unassisted! And Tess has started rolling!!! So cute but I am frightened! I am off to get a cage(superyard) tomorrow!!! I am nervous of all of the 'twinadoes' stories I read! I have a super small house, so it is fairly easy to keep track of the little kids, but with two? We'll see.


Shannon said...

Such cute kiddos! Too strange that we both have Jack's who are almost 11. Tess and Lilly are SOOOO adorable. I love those round faces with the bald head and blue eyes...gorgeous babies!

Churchill said...

Tess and Lily look too adorable for words in those photos. You have such a gorgeous family!

Jocasta and Wayne said...

I love love love the shirts. We just don't have things like that here. But we should!!!

Connie said...

Thanks you guys!!
Jocasta---you can order them on I don't know what the shipping would be!!

Shannon...our Jacks sort of look alike as well...very wierd!!

jenni anne said...

i can't get over how cute your kids are! those faces!!! you're a lucky momma!

Laura said...

It's probably my stories that are scaring you :)

Remember nothing happens overnight it just slowly changes and with that so do you... most of it just makes me laugh!

The shirts truly are adorable as are all your kids!

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Great photos!!

Debra said...

Your kids are so adorable!! I LOVE Old navy's holiday shirts. We used to get them all the time. Now when you multiply it by 5... it gets pricey! LOL I know you understand that!

Joseph and Emma went to a co-op preschool. It was the BEST!! I love how involved I was. I was able to get to know everyone. It was great.

Superyard. HA... they will figure it out eventually.. THEY WILL.

And Laura is right, you just HAVE To laugh because when you don't , you will cry. I have grapes all over my floor right now, I have already been up 10 times in about 10 minutes. So sometimes, you just have to let them mess up to get something done... espeically when they are 18 months and can scale every gate on the market!