Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A year ago today....

I had my first doctor appointment after discovering I was pregnant at the end of January 2007... the weeks after this discovery were so strange...I was so exhausted, mad at myself because we aren't going to have anymore children, excited for our "surprise" , I have always loved being pregnant and being a mom. I was really, really nervous, because I had this strange feeling that something wasn't 'right', and I was tempting fate a little bit. I had already had three easy pregnancies and births, and this one was just different somehow. But I was excited to figure out my due date, and have an ultrasound.

So Husband came home early, and off I went to my appointment. All routine stuff, and then we started the ultrasound. The OB starts the measurements, and says, "How far along did you say you are?", and I say, "11 weeks...". I though he was going to give me a hard time about waiting to come in and he says"Girl you dropped the ball on this're measuring 18 weeks 5 days!!!" Oh well. Not the end of the world right?

On we go with the scan...and he goes to measure the head again, and strangely, I see a shape the looks suspiciously like exactly the same shape as the head right next to it, and I just held my breath. Then I heard..."Is that another head?" and "It IS!!!". and then I promptly burst into tears. Both heartbeats were strong and because of my AMA,advanced maternal age, carrying twins I am given a referral to the Perinatologist. In retrospect, I remember a note in the corner of the page stating "possible momo" . I, of course, completely ignored this, and in a weepy fog stumbled out to my car and sat there.

I was so thrown...I had been planning on going back to work, and getting us on track to buy a house. How could I do that with twins? FIVE KIDS?!?! Crap. I couldn't call Husband. How could I tell him? He was totally happy about the pregnancy. We were both positive it was a girl up to this point...

My cell phone rings and it's him...."Why haven't you called me?" He says.

"I just finished."

"It took along time. How did it go?"
"It was fine. I'm going to get something for dinner, and I'll get Jack."
He hesitates and says,"There's more than one isn't there."


I burst into tears. "How did you know?"
"I've just had a feeling for a while."
"And you couldn't TELL me????"

What is wrong with him?

So I call my cousin Katy and say, "I'm 18 weeks, 5 days."
She laughs.
"There's more, " I say. "It's twins."
She immediately says, " Can I name one?"

The next morning I see my friend Maureen.
"I'm 18 weeks 5 days.
She laughs.
"There's more. It's twins."
And she says, "Can I have one?"

She is 8 months pregnant at this point.

So I am relieved. All that is wrong with my pregnancy is that there is more than one baby. We tell the kids, and Alexa announces it to her class immediately the next morning. Most people are shocked and horrified that I am going to have so many kids...and now I have to tell my mother.


Churchill said...

With five such beautiful kids how can you stop now!

Isn't it bizarre to think about how much as happened in just one year!

Shannon said...

Gosh, every momo diagnosis is something special. I love to hear all of the stories. All different yet all alike in many ways too. What amazing little blessings those babies are!

angie said...

This was so fun to read. I remember seeing both heads on the u/s and thinking I had a deformed baby. I laughed AND cried when they told me it was two. It's amazing that these little guys/girls can be such incredible blessings in our lives......

Greg said...

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Kate said...

Your u/s sounds a BIT like ours!!! Got me reminiscing now! I told the story in a publication I wrote for, I might post it on my blog now! I can't imagine 5 kids. We only wanted two, but now since we want to try for a boy, we have no choice but to have 3...oh well, that's all right now that I think about it and have dealt with the twins!

Laura said...

I loved this post! Made me cry. I love reading about all our moments finding out we were having our twins. It's such a surreal moment. A miracle moment! Seeing your girls at the bottom, knowing what it took to get them here is just amazing!

jenni anne said...

i loved reading your story! i, like angie, thought i had a deformed baby instead of twins. in fact, it took quite a while for it to sink in what had actually happened. i can't imagine my life any other way, though. i hope we get to hear what your mom said when you told her!

Crazymamaof6 said...

oh my gosh! loving this story!

Debra said...

Oh Connie,

I had the SAME feelings. Totally unplanned pregnancy. My biggest fear when I found out was that the baby (1st U/S showed one baby!)would have ADHD. Ha..

When I found out it was twins, I was so shocked. I could not even talk. Michael had to call everyone.. even my own mom. I was in a fog for days.

Jocasta and Wayne said...

I cried when I found out. The man doing the ultrasound said "let's call this baby A" I just couldn't see how I would cope! Looking back now I'm so pleased! In the waiting room I wondered if my best friend who has been trying for years now to have baby number two would take one off my hands.

I called her when I got home and she asked me if it went alright and I said "yes" and then she just started screaming "no not twins" - how she knew I'll never know. And then she followed it up with "you have stolen my baby and I want it back" I keep offering now but she never comes and picks one up.

It also was our wedding anniversary - we had a very quiet lunch!